Earthworks TC20-MP Paar

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Earthworks TC20-MP   Paar preiswertes sehr sauber, transparent abbildendes Kleinkondensator-Mikrofon ideal für hohe Schallpegel z.B Overhead oder close miking Gitarren / Bass Verstärkern, Percussion, Contrabass (als Mikro unter den Saiten) selbst in der Bass Drum kling das Mike gut.

The Earthworks TC30K is one of the most accurate microphones available. It is optimized to deliver clean impulse response and is time coherent on the microsecond level. Earthworks TC30K utilizes a very small, very accurate omni directional capsule, a carefully crafted stainless steel body and innovative circuitry to deliver time coherent response from 9Hz to 30kHz.